Wednesday, May 28, 2008


What is the basic cornerstone of science(technology)-it is the questioning attitude.

what is the basic cornerstone of philosophy(spirituality)-it is the questioning attitude.

get it ?

The difference is in science one is inquisitive about things in the world like say the working of a car,design of a bridge or a tv .

In spirituality the focus is "within".

science has a limit of understanding or a point beyond which questions will not yeild answers.I am not saying development has a limit,the world will continue to see highly sophisticated and advanced technology ,ipods will get smaller,we may have a laptop with only a screen and all other i/o devices might simply be done away with,but there is bound to lot of abstraction involved.let me explain.take a any object around you.say a fan and answer these questions.
1)when a switch is off fan does not rotate when it is on it rotates .why?

a)the answer Is obvious enough.when the switch is closed it completes the circuit ,electricity comes into play ,the electical energy is converted to mechanical energy of the fan (with some loss )
2)what is electricity?

a)flow of electrons.
3)what is an electron?

a)the answer that we had mugged up for the question in our 6th class or so is"Electron is a fundamental particle"fair enough,thats right.But does that in anyway give you an insight into what an electron actually is .?
4)how were the electrons formed?

a)i dont know.
5)why were they formed?

a)i dont know.

you can go deeper into your questions and you will at some point come to a stage where you will not be able to give a convincing,logical answer.That is the point beyond which questions will cease to give answers and a mystery begins.This cosmic mystery ,a very beautiful one ,one that is incredibly ordered yet immensely dynamic is what i believe to be god.

so that is how science and faith are not at loggerheads with each other.

They are the two sides of the same coin.
Let me quote what einstein had to say "Where science ends god begins"

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RaSh said...

Yeah there's only a limit till which todays science can answer questions. For everything else, we look for answers in mythology/ philosophy/ spirituality. And I guess no matter how advanced we might get, there still will be things left unanswered.
Why is it so? I dunno!

Well so i guess you need philosophy to assist science whenever it can't explain things. And sometimes science aids philosophy to explain things in a more concrete manner...